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Item Image Reference # Format Price
Digital Print 8x10" $ 46.00
Digital Print 8x10", Matted $ 76.00
Digital Print 8x10", Matted + Framed $131.00
Digital Print 11x14" $ 70.00
Digital Print 11x14", Matted $110.00
Digital Print 11x14", Matted + Framed $170.00
B+W Photograph 8x10" $ 40.00
B+W Photograph 8x10", Matted $ 70.00
B+W Photograph 8x10", Matted + Framed $125.00
B+W Photograph 11x14" $ 60.00
B+W Photograph 11x14", Matted $100.00
B+W Photograph 11x14", Matted + Framed $160.00
B+W Photograph 16x20" $ 88.00
B+W Photograph 16x20", Matted $148.00
B+W Photograph 16x20", Matted + Framed $228.00
B+W Photograph 20x24" $112.00
B+W Photograph 20x24", Matted $202.00
B+W Photograph 20x24", Matted + Framed $312.00
Color Photograph 8x10" $ 60.00
Color Photograph 8x10", Matted $ 90.00
Color Photograph 8x10", Matted + Framed $145.00
Color Photograph 11x14" $ 92.00
Color Photograph 11x14", Matted $132.00
Color Photograph 11x14", Matted + Framed $192.00
Color Photograph 16x20" $140.00
Color Photograph 16x20", Matted $200.00
Color Photograph 16x20", Matted + Framed $280.00
Color Photograph 20x24" $238.00
Color Photograph 20x24", Matted $328.00
Color Photograph 20x24", Matted + Framed $438.00
Buy photographic and digital prints featured on this website! Please enter the appropriate reference number for the image/s you are ordering. Reference numbers appear below the "rollover" images throughout this website.

• Digital prints are created with a CanonS9000 printer on Epson brand Enhanced Matte paper.
• Black + White (B+W) and Color photographs are printed on Kodak paper.
• All prints are signed on the back by the photographer and on front of matte, upon request.
• Dimensions listed are for the size of the paper, and the approximate size of the image.
• Mattes are 4-ply, acid-free, in white with a beveled interior edge.
• Frames are metal, Nielsen brand in a matte black finish with plexiglass for durability.
• Please display all prints away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet protective plexiglass is available at extra cost.
• Shipping prices vary by size and weight.

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